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Young woman dusting shelf


  • Must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Must be able to read, write, and follow directions.
  • Must have at least six (6) months of paid work experience as a Homemaker for an agency, nurse aide, or household worker, OR at least one (1) year of experience, paid or unpaid, in caring for children, sick or aged individuals OR have successfully completed formal training, such as a basic nursing arts course of nurse,  nursing assistant , or home health aide training.
  • May not be a family member of the recipient for whom personal care is to be provided.  A family member is defined as a parent, sibling child by blood, adoption, or marriage, spouse, grandparent, or grandchild.
  • Must be able to lift, push, pull, or carry up to 75 pounds AND twist, bend, kneel, stoop, and climb stairs without difficulty.
SADI caregiver helping elderly female patient to stand up at care home

Homemaker Job Duties

  • Plan and prepare meals, including special diet menus
  • Clean up after meals
  • Clean kitchen counters, cupboard,  and appliances, which should include: oven, surface burners, and inside refrigerators
  • Clean bathroom fixtures, which should include: tub, shower, toilet, and sink
  • Make beds and change sheets
  • Sweep, vacuum, and scrub floors
  • Tidy and dust home
  • Launder , iron, and mend clothes and linens
  • Bag trash inside the home and place outside for pick up or burning
  • Shop for essential home items, which should include: groceries, cleaning supplies, etc
  • Perform essential errands, which should include: obtain food stamps, pick up medications, post mail, etc.
  • Read and write essential correspondence for blind, illiterate, or physically impaired clients
  • Instruct clients in ways to become self-sufficient in performing household tasks
  • Wash inside windows, which may require climbing
  • Clean blinds, which may require climbing
  • Wash walls and woodwork
  • Clean closets, basements, and attics
  • Shampoo rugs
  • Air mattresses and bedding
  • Spray for insects within the home using over-the-counter supplies
  • Provide rodent control within the home using traps or over-the-counter supplies
  • Wash and change curtains and/or drapes
  • Bag outside trash

Personal Care Job Duties

  • Assisting with dietary needs, including meal preparation and clean up and assistance with eating and/or feeding
  • Assisting with dressing and grooming, including helping with dressing and undressing, combing hair, and nail care
  • Assisting with bathing and personal hygiene, including assisting with bathing, shampooing hair, oral hygiene, dental care, and shaving
  • Assisting with toileting and continence, including assisting in going to the bathroom and changing bed linens.  This may include changing of beds for persons with medical limitations that may impede completing the task
  • Assisting with mobility and transfer, including assisting with transfer and ambulating when recipient can at least partially bear own weight
  • Assisting with medication, including assisting with the self-administration of medicine, applying non-prescription topical ointments or lotions
  • Medically related household tasks, including approved homemaker and chore tasks
Woman in a wheelchair holding a man's hand at sunset

About Us

SADI is a community-based, non-profit for independent living. We’re committed to providing disabled with services to remain in their home, not in an institution.

Our services are designed by consumers, for consumers, through surveys and needs assessments done periodically by the center and through networking with other agencies. Over 51% of the center’s employees are persons of disabilities, with this same number serving on the center’s board of directors.

Our service area is predominantly rural, and includes the counties of Perry, Cape Girardeau, Bollinger, Scott and Mississippi. Information and referral services by mail or telephone are offered to anyone living within the State of Missouri.