GAPS-WindowGAPS (Giving Any Parents Support) is a program designed to provide financial stipends, case management, and support to local families raising children who have been diagnosed on the autism spectrum.

SADI’s GAPS program was created in 2010 to assist families struggling with the day to day problems of raising a special needs child.

When a child is diagnosed with autism, everything changes for the family. Their world becomes a whirlwind of doctor visits, therapist visits, assessments and appointments with various agencies. It’s not uncommon for one parent to have to quit work and stay home to keep the child on their structured schedule of appointments. Since insurance companies do not cover most medical costs associated with autism, a lot of families begin to experience financial hardships. SADI wants to help fill in the gaps for these families. GAPS provides parent support; financial assistance for therapy, equipment, or household necessities; and social activities.

Since 2010, the GAPS program has assisted families with purchasing items or services that help meet the specific needs of each child such as:

  • Swimming Lessons
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Weighted Body Suits
  • Mini In-Door Trampolines
  • Equestrian Therapy
  • Gluten-Free Foods
  • iPad Autism Apps
  • Safety Alarms for homes
  • Safety Devices for the child

Current statistics state 1 in 88 children are diagnosed on the autism spectrum. Chances are, you know a family who has a child with autism but you may not be aware of the hardships they face. It is our duty as a community to support and encourage these families as their children grow and develop. These children are an important part of our future. SADI invites you to form a team and come walk on October 5th to show your support for area families.

If you would like more information on the GAPS program, or would like to donate on behalf of someone you know, please use one of the contacts below:

  • SADI in Cape Girardeau, MO (573) 651-6464
  • SADI in Charleston, MO (573)683-6464
  • SADI Toll Free Number 1-800-898-7234
  • Email your questions to or

**All requests will be considered and assistance will be based on the amount of funds available.