Core Services

While all services offered by SADI are designed to help empower consumers to attain or maintain an independent lifestyle, the Four Core services are the heart of all Independent Living Centers. Core Services are designed to open doors for persons with disabilities, and to help them learn to open doors for themselves.


We can help identify programs for which you might qualify and guide you through the application processes. We also can coach you in navigating the bureaucratic maze that is often associated with acquiring the assistance you need and deserve.

In addition to this individual assistance, we also work at the community and state levels to advocate for services benefiting those with disabilities. SADI staff provide advocacy services to consumers as well as assist consumers in becoming better self-advocates.

Information and Referral

Information and referrals are made by center staff to a variety of resources. Information is provided based on a consumer's need and/or request. Information regarding available resources and services are provided to persons with disabilities, family members, and the community at large. Referrals are made where appropriate.

We also provide referrals to other appropriate agencies and can help locate accessible housing, adaptive aids, recreational opportunities, interpreters, and even emergency financial assistance.

Peer Support

Peer Support is offered by SADI staff as well as through a network of consumer volunteers. Members of our staff and volunteers, who have dealt successfully with their own challenges, draw upon their experiences to help you explore options, solve problems, and develop new skills. We can refer you to local support groups or put you in touch with someone with similar circumstances.

Skills Training

Training is offered to consumers on a variety of subjects depending on individual need. Training can be offered on such things as budgeting, assertiveness, effective parenting, etc.Training in skills for independent living is designed to match the needs of each consumer, and might include money management, cooking, community resources, and other areas critical to your independent lifestyle.

Integrated Transition Services

SADI offers assistance with de-institutionalization from nursing home and/or other group or residential facilities as well as youth transition services.