personal-carePersonal Care Services
are based on individual needs. Everyone’s situation is different and unique. Because of this, SADI offers several options for personal care.

Consumer Directed Services

On the Consumer Directed Services (CDS) program, consumers hire and manage their own attendants. Family members (spouses excluded) can be hired to provide personal care and transportation. Consumers are responsible for turning in timesheets for payroll processing. Each consumer receives a skills training when they start CDS to ensure that they are comfortable and knowledgeable about their role as the employer. Case managers make monthly contacts to ensure consumers’ needs are being met. Consumers on this program must have active Medicaid and they must be able to direct their own care.

In-Home Services

SADI has aides, CNA’s and nurses that provide personal care to clients in their own homes. This care includes: homemaker services, personal care, advanced personal care, nurse visits and respite. Through homemaker services, a client can receive such tasks as meal preparation, laundry and house cleaning. Aides can also run errands and grocery shop for the clients. SADI nurses can provide such things as nail care and med setups. SADI accepts private pay and those with active Medicaid.

Veteran’s Home Care

SADI offers Veteran’s Home Care services for clients who served in the military during war time. This service is also offered to the spouses of deceased veterans. With training through SADI, a family member may qualify to work as an aide for the client.