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SADI's Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Services Departments helps to bridge the communications gap that exists between Deaf or hard-of-hearing persons and the hearing community. We offer sensitivity and awareness training on Deaf Culture, interpreter referral services, education regarding adaptive equipment and accessibility laws, and other information related to deafness in Southeast Missouri.

Members of the deaf and hard of hearing community have free access to our public video phone during normal business hours.

**Video relay interpreter services are available upon request.

Interpreting Services

As the area's only agency providing Sign Language interpreting services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, we strive to meet the interpreting needs of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community at all levels: Medical emergencies, job training, higher education, legal affairs, and psychological counseling, among others. Interpreting service fees are paid by the institution, public or private businesses, organizations, and state agencies that provides services to the deaf and hard of hearing consumers, not by the consumers themselves.

*Tax credits are available for small businesses to encourage compliance with the American with Disabilities Act.


We provide advocacy services to deaf and hard of hearing consumers who encounter cultural barriers or otherwise face difficulties in areas of employment, healthcare, etc., due to their disability while instilling self-reliance and responsibility.

Skills Training

Training is offered to deaf and hard of hearing consumers on a variety of subjects depending on individual need. Training can be offered on such things as budgeting, assertiveness, effective parenting, etc.

Conversational Sign Language Instruction

For relatives, co-workers, or friends of deaf and hard of hearing consumers, we offer basic and intermediate conversational Sign Language instruction with the aim of enriching relationships through more effective communication skills.

Interpreter Mentoring

We provide this service to professional interpreters who are interested in acquiring a higher Missouri Sign Language certification level via observations in actual interpreting settings, individualized instruction, and personalized guidance. In addition, SADI is a proctor site for individuals seeking to take the Missouri Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing written certification test.

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