COVID-19 & SADI Operations

From the Executive Director of SADI:

Due to the ever-increasing threat of the COVID-19 virus, SADI is taking precautions to keep staff, consumers and the public safe. Starting Tuesday, 3/17/20, both SADI offices will be closed to the public until further notice.

As our country continues to try to slow down the spread of this virus, our news, both local and global, is changing almost hourly. This is a lot to process and currently we all have more questions than answers. Please know that our top priority at SADI is looking out for the wellbeing of the people we serve.

If you receive services from SADI, rest assured, we are here for you. We are still coming into the office and /or working out in your homes to provide your care. To the generous members of our community who donate to our programs and support our work, we will continue to find answers to your questions and provide information and services.

To anyone who may be feeling anxious or saddened by unfolding events and our new reality, please give us a call. Our staff will be happy to talk to you privately about your concerns and your specific situation. Maybe we can even help (it’s kinda what we do 😊). Call our toll free number, 1-800-898-7234 or (573) 651-6464 and ask for Kim.

We are all in this together and we WILL get through this crisis. In the meantime, let’s help one another. Check on your neighbors, practice your manners, and for crying out loud, save some toilet paper for the rest of us! In a world where you can be anything, be kind.

Here is current information on our programs:

Assistive Technology:   

SADI will continue to receive clean, gently used durable medical equipment for our Loan Closet and we will continue to give out Loan Closet items to those who are in need. To donate or inquire about a piece of equipment, please call Julie and she will set up a time to meet with you.

We are suspending our TAP program (Telecommunication Access Program) until the COVID-19 threat has subsided. If you are in need of an adaptive phone or have been referred by your doctor, we will be glad to serve you so please contact Julie and she will put you on a wait list until the Cape office reopens to the public.

(For more AT information contact Julie at extension 1236)

Personal Care Services:               

If you are receiving In-Home Services, Nursing, HCY, or Private Pay-

SADI nurses and aides will continue to provide your in-home services. Our personal care staff are taking the virus very seriously and they are taking safety measures. They will not come into your home if they are running a temperature, been exposed to someone with the virus or flu, or they have flu-like symptoms. Likewise, please call and cancel your home visits if you are sick or running a temp. Staff will make weekly phone contact with you to assess your needs.

If you are receiving CDS (Consumer Directed Services):

It is up to you whether your attendant will continue to come into your home to provide your care. As the employer, you have the ability to make changes to your daily schedule so please communicate with your attendant regarding your situation. Staff will make weekly phone contact with you to assess your  needs.

(For more information contact Kristin at extension 1271)

Special Needs Services:               


Our GAPS case manager will not be making home visits but will check in weekly with families. Social activities are suspended at this time.

 Day Habilitation:

Our SADI CARES day program is still open and operating at this time but we have suspended volunteering and community outings.

Special Needs Personal Care & Respite:

 Caregivers will continue to provide personal care in the homes. Staff will make weekly phone contact with you to assess needs.

Employment Services:

 Office activities and trainings are suspended. Staff will make weekly phone contact with you to assess needs.

(For more information contact Raquel at extension 1211)

Independent Living Services:                    

Social Peer Groups and activities are suspended at this time. Staff will make weekly phone contact with you to assess needs.

For Client Assistance, please call our office.

(For more information contact Ashley at extension 1220)