SADI’s 5 Key Programs

While all services offered by SADI are designed to help empower consumers to attain or maintain an independent lifestyle, there are five core services that are the heart of SADI:


Independent Living


Client Assistance


Assistive Technology


Personal Care


Special Needs Services

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Inspiring Empowerment

Independent Living Services

SADI Independent Living Services (IL Services) are designed to empower consumers to live independently in their homes and community. We offer five core services, which are:

Services Available:

Information & Referral

SADI’s Information and Referral Specialist can help navigate through the resources and programs available in Southeast Missouri. The Information and Referral Specialist will answer questions, provide information, resources and options to anyone, with or without a disability, to connect them with the resources they need and are looking for.

Peer Support

SADI’s Peer Support matches consumers and staff with similar disabilities or conditions to empower, encourage and support each other. Whether adapting to life with a disability or going through a certain stage of life, peer support is offered to help cope with challenges and celebrate victories.  

Skills Training

SADI’s Skills Trainings are based on individualized consumer need with the goal to increase, maintain or gain independence. Skills Trainings are offered to consumers on a variety of subjects depending on consumer need and may include, but are not limited to: advocacy, budgeting, communication, coping skills, household management, meal preparation, nutrition, organization and personal care tasks.

Transition Services

​SADI can assist nursing home residents or those living in an institution who want to transition back into the community. SADI helps coordinate the move to ensure a successful transition and offers post-transition support. SADI can also work with local schools to prepare young adults with disabilities as they transition into life after graduation.


Occasionally, there can be legal red tape associated with acquiring assistance those with disabilities need and deserve. SADI staff are trained to advocate on behalf of our consumers, but we also teach self-advocacy and empowerment. SADI works at the community and state levels to advocate for services benefiting those with disabilities.

While all services offered by SADI are designed to help consumers with their independence, the above 5 core services are the heart of SADI. In addition to the five core services, SADI also offers IL Case Management.

Case Management

SADI offers individualized case management to consumers with long-term goals. These consumers often request assistance with the steps needed to achieve their goals and live independently. Case Managers maintain frequent contact with consumers to give them resources and the skills they need to live independently.

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Need Help Getting Started?

If you don’t know where to start, contact our Information & Referral Specialist to help you navigate through resource and programs and assist with required documentation.

Call us at (573) 651-6464 to get started or use our contact form below.

For more information on our Independent Living Programs, please contact us.

Helping Where We Can

Client Assistance

The Client Assistance Program provides limited financial assistance to people with disabilities for such things like medication, ramps/minor home modification, and low-cost assistive technology devices (non-durable medical equipment).

See our FAQ section for more information.

Services Available:

Ramps and Home Modifications

Consumers in need of minor home modifications such as bath bars or ramp repairs/installation maybe eligible for assistance. To qualify, consumers must own their home and be able to provide bids from contractors that meet SADI’s specifications. This program is based on funding and may not always be available.

Need Help Getting Started?

Call us at (573) 651-6464 to get started or use our contact form below.

Equipment & Devices

Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology (AT) is any item, piece of equipment or product system, that assists individuals with disabilities to increase, maintain or improve their functional capabilities within their homes and communities.

SADI offers equipment and devices to individuals who want to improve their living environment or put support in place at home. These services include:

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Services Available:

SADI Loan Closet

The SADI Loan Closet provides donated durable medical equipment to Missouri residents who do not have insurance coverage or the means to purchase the equipment.  We accept donations of new and gently used durable medical equipment to redistributed at no cost. The most requested items are: wheelchairs, walkers, shower chairs/benches, raised toilet seats, bedside commodes, and bath bars.

Telecommunications Assistance Program (TAP) for Telephone or Internet

The SADI TAP Program provides hearing, vision, cognitive, mobility and speech adapted phones and computer hardware and software free of charge to Missouri residents. Consumers must have an annual adjusted gross income of $60,000 or less, have a telephone service if requesting a TAP telephone or computer and home internet service if requesting TAP internet.

Assistive Technology Showroom

The AT Showroom offers hands-on demonstrations of vision, hearing, cognitive, communication, sensory and mobility aids/devices. Our showroom allows consumers the opportunity to tryout a device to make sure it will work and meet their needs.

Rehabilitation Services for the Blind and Elderly Low Vision Center

 SADI provides demonstration of equipment such as magnifiers, closed circuit TV and lamps to determine if the low vision equipment is appropriate. Referrals for funding and follow-up services are made to Rehab Services for the Blind as needed.

Need Help With Assistive Technology?

Call us at (573) 651-6464 to speak to our Information & Referral Specialist for more details or use contact form below.

Individualized Programs

Personal Care

SADI provides personal care services to individuals eighteen years of age and older, regardless of disability or illness.  SADI staff are trained to help you navigate the process of finding the program that works best for your lifestyle and situation.  If you have questions regarding services, our Personal Care staff will be happy to walk you through the process. 

Services Available:

Consumer Directed Services (CDS)

The CDS Program is a Medicaid funded program that enables disabled individuals, with the ability to self-direct, to hire the caregiver of their choice. This caregiver can be a friend or a family member other than a spouse or legal guardian. The caregiver will be authorized to provide such services as meal preparation and clean up, house cleaning, laundry, personal hygiene and transportation to non-medical errands and appointments.

In-Home Services

The In-Home Services Program is a Medicaid funded program that offers assistance with everyday activities of daily living to help you to remain independent in your own home. SADI will hire and schedule aides to provide homemaker and personal care services to our consumers. All of SADI’s In-Home aides have been screened through the Family Care Safety Registry and have gone through extensive training. The aides will come to your home to provide a wide variety of services such as bathing, dressing and grooming, meal preparation and clean up, as well as various household chores. Respite services are also available for consumers who qualify.

We also offer nursing services through our In-Home Services, where an RN or LPN will come into your home as often as once a week to check your vitals and provide medication set-ups, nail care or skin monitoring.

Veteran’s Home Care

SADI offers Veteran’s Home Care services for consumers who served in the military during wartime. This service is offered to veterans (and their spouses), as well as the spouses of deceased veterans. Veteran’s Home Care services very closely mimic the In-Home Services Program, however the authorization process and funding differ.

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Private Pay Home Care

If you do not qualify for Medicaid funded services or Veteran’s Home Care, but are still in need of personal or homemaker care services, you may be interested in SADI’s Private Pay Home Care Services. With this program, individuals can choose the hours of care they need and set up a schedule that works best for them. Private Pay Home Care very closely mimics the In-Home Services Program, in which the aides are trained and scheduled to come into your home and provide the care you need.

Need More Info About Personal Care?

Call us at (573) 651-6464 to speak to our Information & Referral Specialist for more details on our Personal Care Programs or use our contact form.

Individualized Support

Special Needs Services

To qualify for SADI’s Special Needs Services, consumers must be approved through the Sikeston Regional Center. The consumer must be diagnosed with a development disability prior to the age of 22 and meet eligibility through Department of Mental Health. If you have questions regarding services, our Special Needs staff will be happy to walk you through the process.

Services Available:

Personal Care and Respite

SADI offers personal care and respite services to all ages through waivers approved by the Department of Mental Health. Caregivers provide personal assistance in the consumer’s home and community. Personal assistance includes assisting and supporting the consumer with any activity of daily living and inclusion in the community to increase independence. All caregivers receive extensive training and follow up courses and must pass a criminal background screening. SADI strives to match each consumer with the right caregiver to ensure a strong relationship and a positive experience.

SADI C.A.R.E.S. stands for:
Community, Activities, Recreation, Education, and Socialization.

Adult Day Program

SADI C.A.R.E.S. Day Program is designed for individuals eighteen years of age and older with developmental disabilities. The day program is offered Monday-Friday from 8:30am-3:00pm. SADI offers transportation to and from the program to those who live within the Cape and Jackson area. The program offers socialization, community integration, teaches daily living skills along with social skills and promotes independence for those who attend. The majority of the day is spent on site at SADI but weekly outings are planned in the community varying from bowling, watching movies at the theatre, visiting parks, the library and attending Zumba class at the Osage Center along with other educational and fun field trips.

Behavior Services

SADI C.A.R.E.S. Behavior Services use Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) principles and strategies to help consumers who have challenges in the areas of behavior, social and communication skills to learn functional skills for their homes and community. Behavior services may assist a person to learn new behavior and/or to replace challenging behaviors. Services are provided in conjunction with day program services between the hours of 8:30am-3:00pm Monday-Friday.

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