Pamela McQuay-Grimes

Pamela McQuay-Grimes at SADI in Missouri

I started working at St. Francis Medical Center in 1977, straight out of high school. Starting as a ward clerk, I was in fact, part of the computerizing of the patient care system at Saint Francis Medical Center, Emergency Department. I was then promoted to Administrative Assistant to the Director and Medical Director of Emergency Services. I later was sent to training to become the Trauma Analyst of the ER and certified in Automotive Medicine. In 2004 I decided to go back to school and become an LPN with hopes of bridging to get my RN. As an LPN I have accomplished what I love about medicine and that is making a difference in the care that my patients receive. I always have been and will be an advocate for clients I am responsible for.
I am married and have two beautiful schnauzers and two grey cats who are siblings. I love flower gardening at home, art and cooking. My husband and I recently purchased a traveling motel room which is our 30 foot travel trailer and are preparing for long trips after retirement. We have been married 12 years.